Board of Directors

Executive Directors

Mr. Lau Pak Man(劉伯文), is our Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director and General Manager of our Group. Mr. Lau, together with Mr. Cheng, are the founders of our Group. Mr. Lau is responsible for overall strategic development, project management and client management of the Group.

Mr. Cheng Wing Cheong(鄭榮昌), is our Executive Director and the Director - Construction of our Group. Mr. Cheng is a founder of our Group and is responsible for overseeing the tender process including foundation design and project budget, as well as quality control of our projects.

Ms. Kwan Kit Sum Kit(關潔心), is our Executive Director and the Director - Operations of the Group. Ms. Kwan is responsible for project management and coordination, as well as daily operations of the Group.

Independent Non-executive Directors

Mr. Leung Chi Kin (梁梓堅)

Mr. Lam Chi Hung Louis(林志雄)

Mr. Yau Chi Man Norman (also known as Iao Chi Meng)(丘子敏)